The DriFlow™ ESG Advantage

The numbers don’t lie – let DCS’s DriFlow™ technology help you achieve your environmental and sustainability goals.

Supply chain impact as of September 2022…

lbs of CO2 removed

4.0 m

trip miles saved

895 k

trips saved

4.7 k

lbs of carbon removed (emulsion elimination)

81.6 m

The most reliable and advanced stimulation chemical delivery system on the market.

Contact us to learn more about how you can:

  • Reduce your chemical-related last-mile CO2 emissions by 73%
  • Reduce the number of last mile trips to location by 76%

Example Case Study

Frac Job Inputs

  • 20 pumping hrs/day
  • 100 bpm average rate
  • 1 GPT slick-water FR loading
  • 60 m last-mile distance
  • 5040 GPD FR

Conventional Slick Water Case

  • 9 trips/week
  • Estimated 4,860 lb CO2 emissions/week

The DriFlow™ Advantage

With fewer than 2 trips per week, DriFlow™ can help reduce your last-mile emissions by 3,780 lbs, dropping your last-mile emissions to 1,080 lbs CO2!

Unlike emulsion FRs, Dry FR has no oil component…
With an estimated carbon content of 34% in conventional FRs, DriFlow™ can displace 108,000 lbs of unnecessary carbon per week!

All-Electric Equipment

Designed with the future in mind!

DCS’s Gen3.X units are designed with E-Fleets in mind. With a simple, plug-and-play fully electric design, DriFlow™ is ready to integrate with your E-Fleets power generation unit.

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