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DCS is proud to be an employee-owned company as of August 1st, 2023. Our talented and innovative team of 170+ has shown a strong dedication to being the best in the business since the inception of DriFlow. The formation of the DCS Employee Stock Ownership Plan is a testament to the culture of commitment and camaraderie that the team has built over the years. As a financial incentive, the ESOP serves as an additional retirement savings tool without any financial contribution required from the individual. The DCS ESOP provides employee-owners a greater share in the success of the organization and creates an inclusive and engaging professional environment.

Employee ownership benefits the company through the alignment of core values driven by a shared responsibility to affect company growth. Through the ESOP, DCS strives to grow and retain a winning team, as we believe energized and passionate professionals translate to exceptional performance and service quality for our clients.

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How is an ESOP different from a 401(k) plan?

In addition to the traditional 401k plan offered to all DCS employee-owners, an ESOP account is automatically created for each eligible employee. ESOPs and 401(k) plans are both retirement plans that allow investments to grow tax-deferred. However, there are some key differences between the two types of retirement savings vehicles:

Esop 401k Comparison

ESOPs by the Numbers


higher median household net wealth

greater retirement savings for employees-owners


higher productivity growth rate


higher company sales growth

Visit the National Center for Employee Ownership for more information.