Simul-Frac Operations? We got you covered.

DriFlow™ + Multi-Stim™

DCS has the Dry FR package for your Simul-frac or Dual-frac operations: DriFlow™ + Multi-Stim™. By just adding a single 5’ x 7’ Multi-Stim™ skid, our technology can provide the same performance & reliability that DriFlow™ is known for, without increasing manpower or footprint.

Multi Stim


Stimulation of multiple wells with 1 DriFlow Unit

  • Smaller Footprint
  • Fewer points of failure = better run run-time efficiency

Replace: (1) DriFlow Unit & (1) Pneumatic Trailer
…with: (1) Multi-Stim Unit

Multi Stem Swap2

How Does it Work?

Single DriFlow unit, delivering independent volumes of FR to each well.

Basic Process Flow

Multi Stem Process