Equipment & Technology

Pushing the Limits

DCS continues to push the limits of possibility by delivering the most advanced completion chemical delivery system in the industry. From autonomous operation to real-time water measurement, to remote monitoring of 50+ data points in real-time… DCS’s patented DriFlow™ system is proof that performance & cost savings can co-exist.



DCS utilizes the latest in cloud-based IOT technology to not only monitor the process conditions of all ongoing jobs, but also control field assets when required. The DriFlow unit is equipped with various innovative technologies enhancing operational insight, product delivery and service quality. This cutting edge use of technology allows us to have superior run-time efficiency compared to our peer group.

Wireless Communications

DCS is equipped to match various coms protocols employed in frac communication systems and utilizes wireless radio transmission technology to ensure uninterrupted live data streaming.

Data transmission to the client:

  • FR and additive chemical(s) flow rates
  • FR and additive chemical(s) concentrations
  • FR and additive chemical(s) volume totals
  • Water quality measurements*
  • Custom set of data points*

*added upon client request

Data reception from the client:

  • Clean rate: allows the unit to automatically adjust concentration based on rate
  • Treating Pressure: allows for data analysis and reporting for client services
Wireless Comms

Real-time Remote Support

Complete remote access and control over the DriFlow unit and communications devices through virtual control screens.


Communications device portal displaying transmitting data.

Remote Support

DriFlow operations remote HMI screen

Operational Insight

The DriFlow fleet is managed 24/7 by a team of expert individuals. By utilizing the analytical tools to identify process trends and performance anomalies, the team gains operational foresight to further minimize NPT events and continually exceed a +98% pumping efficiency.

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Remote Operations Center

Remote Operations Center

24/7 Remote Operations Center

Expert Operational Support

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Roc Close Up 2

Logistics & Inventory Management

High Resolution Analytics


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